The weather forecasting app that styles you rain or shine


Our very own algorithm takes care of the clothing combination calculation for you so you can leave home just right.


The app is built with performance as its highest priority. So be assured that this app runs at lightning speed.


Clean, simple and intuitive interface. We hate clutter.

Powered By Forecast

Powered by Forecast, a highly accurate forecast provider which powered many other weather apps

Powered by Forecast


Male or Female? Celsius or Fahrenheit? MPH or KMH? Easily modify wearther's settings based on your needs.


Yes, you know what to wear. Thanks to wearther. But are you missing something from your wardrobe?

Not to worry, shop your much needed clothing items from a list of wearther's favorite online stores.

Suit, shirt, jeans, shoes, etc

Works With Other Devices

No iPhone/iPad? No problem. Just bookmark our webapp at http://web.wearther.cc/ using your mobile device and you're ready to go!

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